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Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Great" ministry

I've been thinking about "great" ministry lately. I've been in Nashville a little over a year now, and I'm a part of a pretty good small group from my church, and I've been a part of an okay, but not amazing on campus ministry bible study. As a former (and admittedly brief) "Professional Christian" it occasionally occurs to me that these somewhat haphazard groups have "things to work on" and might not be entirely "successful" in meeting or exceeding their goals... BUT, as I drove home from my job that I found out about from a friend of a friend in the campus bible study, picked up a voicemail and met a friend from the church small group for coffee at 11pm; it dawns on me that these ministries are largely responsible for my life as it exists right now.

Maybe their goals are man made, and their successes God given? The on campus group thinks its job is evangelism. It has been best at giving people a "group" a home away from home, and the entirely necessary reminder of Who's they really are. It's not a huge group of kids, but it's hugely important to the kids that are there. No one is going to write the next hot ministry book from us, but I do see people being developed as Christian leaders...

Is the point of ministry connecting folks and forming extended families? These two have done that for me. And really, I thank God for them.


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