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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

closer, closer, closer...

How's life out in internet land? Things keep progressing. Today I finally got the Griffin FireWave I bought to work. It was sortof working, but not consistantly. Sometimes I got all 6 channels, sometimes only 3, sometimes only 2. The problem was with the Audio/Midi setup on my macbook. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Griffin sent me this nice card, which I ignored on my first go.: Plug in the Firewave first (without installing anything, or inserting the cd), set the device profile (make sure you get all 6 channels!- I had to click "aggregate device", then "configure device"- I noticed that it had the GFW as only 2 channels out, I kept clicking it and "re sample" and then it found all 6 channels, and could speaker check through all 6) Okay, NOW you can install the software! Whew!

Josh almost burned his church down working on the video! Ah!

"I almost burnt the church down!

I've been wanting to experiment with some smoke effects, so I decided to try it out for a video for our Fall Sermon Series at church.
I should have used incense, which makes a great whispy, thin, twirly smoke, but my wife needed the van, so she dropped me off at the church to work.

It's about a mile to the closest store, and I didn't really have time to walk down, so I decided to pull a Macgyver and improvise.
Incense is basically a combustible material like sawdust soaked in a scented oil... I figured, sawdust is made from wood, and so is paper towels! So I tightly wound up a paper towel, sprayed it down with Non Stick Cooking Spray, and lit it on fire, and then blew it out, so that it made smoke.
It worked brilliantly.

On my second take, I didn't wind up the paper towel tight enough, and when I tried to blow it out, ashes went flying everywhere, sprinking all over the floor. Some of those ashes were still burning, so I had to stomp them out quickly.

But the good news is, I got some great smoke footage, and the church did NOT burn down"

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