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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Al Mohler- the art critic?

Greetings! It has been an exciting few days here at SP. Josh is typing and click-dragging his way to a nervous breakdown as we prepare the video for the October 9th Premiere at IWU. I finally found a box that'll do what I need for analog 5.1 playback out of a MacPro (the Griffin FireWave), and yet another opportunity for the Work has dropped into our lap.

You need to check out Awake Images- they are doing in visual arts what we do in SoundArt. It's awesome stuff.. Especially when its used like this.

I was reading my Relevant Magazine yesterday and a there was a piece "What is Art." (it doesn't seem to be posted in full yet). It covered the impact of Yale Art Student Aliza Shvarts' senior art project in which centered on her (later revealed as false) aborting multiple pregnancies and documenting the resulting miscarriges. Definately a piece intended to stir reaction. I tend not to have much to say about this kind of art because the process has already been completed and my indignation does nothing for the artist or the world of art at large.
The article goes on and the venerable art historian and critic Al Mohler (nope, he's not really an art critc. He's the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky) gives commentary on the Trancendental Test: "The trancendental test involves asking three questions: is it good? is it beautiful? is it true? While it is hard to argue there is a completely objective standard, we should hold to the trancendental test" He goes on " At Yale, there was a failure to produce truth (she did not, induce her own miscarriages). Even the young lady has said that it was not what it was presented to be. And it fails the goodness test too. What virtue is celebrated and/or condemned in theis artwork? In this case, her grotesque treatment of life and human tissue is celebrated. And it goes without saying that her display was not beautiful, either."

I haven't seen the work in question, but it's undoubtably shock art, whatever media storm she's created is arguably part of the piece! Dr. Mohler is one of the foremost evangelical leaders and speakers and is quite reputable world wide. I'm afraid he does a disservice to his position when casting his last point. It continues to infuriate me when Christians criticizing something from a moral or theological standpoint finish with a pot-shot at the quality of the work. Does Dr. Mohler mean that if she had painted smiley faces or Precious Moments cartoons with the alleged blood and tissue that it would have passed the beauty test? What about a gorgeous sunset made from blood and fecal matter?

Certain fields of art exist to produce reactions or shock people. Plenty of times, I find it absurd. But the best way to respond is to not react.

Artists create because they are created to create. Not all of what they create is of eternal value, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have created it. Great talents produce duds all the time. And because we value the great works of the past, doesn't mean we should hit the pause button developmentally. Those were the greatest works of their era, genre and style. Only in a hundred years will we know the greatest works of this era, genre and style.

1 comment:

joshhatcher said...

I love Relevant Magazine...

I co-authored Cheap Ways To.. with them when Relevant Books was in full swing.

I used to write for the online mag YEARS ago when they first got started...

I LOVED the piece in this issue about MAKEONE... I'm a huge fan of street art... Shepherd Fairey, and just really good graff...

so it was a pleasure reading it...

and yes.. i am click dragging and typing away.. photoshop is my friend.... it's really the basis for what i'm working on right now... lots and lots of photoshop...